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Pandora's Box

The Artistry of Satoshi Yagisawa

VERLAG: De Haske Records
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Subtitle The Artistry of Satoshi Yagisawa
Verlag De Haske Records
Instrumentierung Blasorchester
Taal INT
Produktformat CD
Instrument Group Blasorchester
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
European Parts Included Yes
EAN 8714441017573
Serie Composer's Portrait
No. DHR 10-053-3
Release Date 14.08.2018
  • 1. A Golden Jubilation [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 2. Scent of Spring [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 3. A New Beginning [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 4. Vongole ! for Solo Eb Baritone Saxophone and Concert Band [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 5. Homage Guardians of the Sea [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 6. A Vision of the First Light [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 7. Call of the Aboriginals Uluru - Kata Tjuta [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 8. Celebration Fanfare for Organ and Concert Band [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 9. A Glorious Summer Day [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 10. March-Chagu-Chagu [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 11. Intermezzo for Solo Clarinet and Wind Ensemble [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 12. Pandora's Box [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 13. The Victoria Peak [Satoshi Yagisawa]
  • 14. Flowers of Dreams In bloom in the Rokko Mountain [Satoshi Yagisawa]